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New full length release through Black Seed Productions, recorded along 2016 and released in 2017, Recorded at the Redrum studio, mixed and mastered at the Moontower, cover art by Alastor Nihilosatan.
The cover represents the toad-demon making the elder sign with his human-like hand as he holds the scepter of hell with his left one in a flooded church backing to a dead congregation.
This redording is my way to go back in time and get all the best of my own roots and making this nightmarish sound mayhem,,,
Enjoy your trip into Hell!


released June 6, 2017

All by Akerbeltz



all rights reserved


AKERBELTZ Catalonia, Spain

Akerbeltz is a band active since 1996. The releases:
-Spreading the eternal mayhem. (Blut und Eisen, Germany).
-A wave of darkness. (Metal Millenium, Germany).
-Tabellae defixionum. (Metal Millenium, Germany).
-Akerhell. (Metal Millenium).
-Never deny from the powers of sorcery. (Last rights, U.S.A.).
-Infernuko Erreka. (Oniric records, Spain).
And the splits: With different bands world wide.
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Track Name: The red dragon
(Solo: Drown) Led by the forces of the universe comes the power of the abyss the void destroys everything. The secrets of insanity are read through the eyes. Crush into the heart or at the back of the brain where neck and spine unite. Time means nothing when the unlight arrives. The life cycles are demonized by the abstinence. Negativity parasites. Ethereal infestation. Ritual of submission. Violent repression. Possessed by the fury in high pressure the dragon strains its chains. His rage finally becomes unstoppable (Solo: Helter skelter) With the flame that comes from the inside he burned the future. With the fire from Hell he burns the past. With his lustful arson desire he will burn the present.
Track Name: A deed without a name
Three talismans grant the dark powers. Search for the archaic rhymes. Speech of the elder ones. Dark half of the year, the rites shall begin with the full moon. Autumn’s equinox, the night of the dead. Sacrificial knife of white handle is hidden (Solo: Hazy fog) Rise the black hilted dagger to drive the telluric energy, let the blood fill the runes of the blade as a blasphemy. Nothing is but what is not. Magic mirror show the way filled by the light of the moon. The living cauldron is ready for the arrival. Though you untie the winds and trees are blown down. Though castles topple even till destruction sicken. Nothing is but what is not.
Track Name: Ye olde hag
Overfly the abyss of madness at sundown when the leaf wilts she smells the blood and prepares her trap again.
Old witch survives with the experience that time has given and dresses for the night to haunt her preys because there is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. Her cruelty goes so far she will extinguish all before killing. Sometimes her scars bleed like her lips. Hidden inside the nightmares of the past generations the horrors precipitate under ethyl clouds.
Track Name: The crypt
An overwhelming darkness covers all like a cobweb from the bounds of the forest. The trail is almost unseen only to be followed with a hesitating walk and a dark faith towards the ruins of the pagan altar (Solo: Tempus fugit) Under a dead tree the entrance to the crypt opens as the jaws of Hell. Roots and thorns hide the horrors hidden behind the threshold. A malignant epitaph is carved in the gravestone, the last words of the damned. Many tried to seal the access though were doomed to oblivion or to fall into the crypt. Deep inside beyond the gates amidst the stench of rotten flesh walls are made with skulls screaming in silence forever. Trembling spirits spread their terrors while they rot into the black waters of oblivion that trail life and sanity into a boundless Hell.
Track Name: Beyond the reflexions
Beyond the reflexions, beyond the ethereal past that rots in dead memories the dust of time settles and the words merge they are shadows of a past that fades in hidden lairs where they should have never been. Broken skulls with empty eye sockets haunt with an icy grin, bones dried to the marrow by the chemical of death. Wings of dirty leather dried in a rotten tomb spread their shadow between the tombstones of the cemetery moved by the power of the stars, cold and sharp reversal, caught behind the mirror in eternal dormancy. Cut the raw meat of the thorax in the dark, let the blood flow free, worms follow the call of Death. Breath of the other side is blizzard and it cuts inside the living, lying dead but dreaming. Beyond the reflexions, beyond the fragile past bitter cold freezes at the other side, motion hampered by the call of Death, the pressure comes at night to stay.
Track Name: Witchery
A witch ought never to be frightened in the darkest forest because she should be sure in her soul that the most terrifying thing in the forest was her.
Track Name: Ludum mortis
(Solo: Game of death) Under the rain the cold gets deep inside fear is harder than the instinct, dark thoughts invade your mind. The air burns like fire, tendons are quenched as the wind cries deceiving roars calling into despair. The path of thorns closes on you in an endless maze accept your fate, it’s the game of Death. Make your best move and seize your luck, next turn is Hers, she will seal your fate. Blood pulse is affected by the pressure, it flows through the veins like fire from Hell. Your heart will break, your mind will die and there is nothing, you can only run, damn the fortune, the risk was too much and so you will die running until the end slashed by the rusty blade not knowing why and for how longer she’ll make you last.
Track Name: Opus satànic
Senyor de l’inframón que enlluerna amb el no-llum, guia dels camins infranquejables que condueixen al caos, senyor de la foscor i del metall. Satanàs! Portador del llamp i del rugir del tro, electrocutador amb l’energia que talla la ment i travessa l’espinada per la transformació final. Satanàs! Centre de l’univers amb poder ancestral, guia de l’odiada humanitat que per la cobdícia morirà, gran anivellador del caos i de la maldat. Satanàs! Tirà sense pietat, martell dels dèbils i dels fracassats, instigador de l’odi i la desigualtat, exterminador de l’odiada humanitat. Satanàs! Rei dels set inferns i del més enllà. Satanàs! Senyor del cosmos per tota l’eternitat. Satanàs! Satanàs! Satanàs!
Track Name: Chaos
Torment of the universe transform the time and the light, sift the prey and absorb its energy collecting its power from the bright and the heat and destroy the matter for all eternity. Everything will die, everything will burn from ashes to nothing. Everything is attracted, everything is destroyed and manipulated for the levelling altering the perception, beware, here come chaos (Solo: Total disintegration) The long feelers of the truth extend in the horizon pointing crimes perpetrated along the travel of life, even in the most hidden places of the infinite, crimes that twist the branches of virtue sewing the spawn of chaos. Compelled to kneel and to abide the decision of the secular and infernal court with the permission of the Devil that receives its power straight from the bonds of bloody Hell. (Solo: Disorder)