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This is the first recording of Akerbeltz, recorded in october, the 32 Anno Satanna (1997 year of the bastard) at Les Golfes studio.
It was a real hard work as I was not used to record in tracks those days, specially for the drums as I had to play with on guitar leading in the background.
We used analogical table and the old ADAT combination for this,
The bass is played session by Funebre, aka Obeja from the famous underground grind core-doom band "El kaso Urkijo" from wich I confess having great musical inspiration!
This record was released in vinil through Blut und Eisen in vinil limited to 300 copies after releasing the Tabellae Defixionum. I aded 3 bonus tracks recorded the 37 anno satanna at the Redrum Studio with an analogical 8 track equipment.
The cover of the album is a photo done in an abandoned church used by satanic sects to perform their rituals, it represents my sacrifice to the witches of Hell and the spilling of my blood, the back cover represents the witches ripping off my heart as a gift to the powers of Hell.


released October 1, 1997

Akerbeltz all music.



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AKERBELTZ Catalonia, Spain

Akerbeltz is a band active since 1996. The releases:
-Spreading the eternal mayhem. (Blut und Eisen, Germany).
-A wave of darkness. (Metal Millenium, Germany).
-Tabellae defixionum. (Metal Millenium, Germany).
-Akerhell. (Metal Millenium).
-Never deny from the powers of sorcery. (Last rights, U.S.A.).
-Infernuko Erreka. (Oniric records, Spain).
And the splits: With different bands world wide.
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Track Name: Lilith
Descend into my dreams like a bat in hunger, take me far beyond were the sun never shines
Creeping in the dark, ripping all that lives, the shade of damnation is called LILITH
Demon evil in it’s purest essence, cover me with your long black hair
As the wing of raven, in the night i feel the void and the touch of death
The most beautiful devil in a woman form, is what I see as i expel my last breath

The bride of SATAN-The mother of the bitch-The tempting serpent-Take me LILITH

Take me to the fires of hell...........................drain my life, in the dark of the night
Is were you come to me, to embrace........................in darkness,to be as one again
And as dawn breaks the spell, I feel closer......................the cold of death, be my hunter
In the lonesome forest, let me hide........................between the lips of the valley
And take my flesh and life’s essence...............of what you feed on, my goddess LILITH

Tease me, rip me, enslave my flesh
I was born for burning in the fire of LILITH
I’m dying to meat you, butcher of hell
You will rule the world with the iron fist
You tempt and kill the feeble church

I’m accursed............by the magnificient
But my ancient sowl.................will survive
To be as one in the night...................to be drained in my dreams
To be enslaved to the dead..................take my blood, take my flesh
And I feel as I fall .....................I open my eyes to the fires of hell

The bride of SATAN-The mother of the bitch-The tempting serpent-take me LILITH

Enfront god’s speach, with despite of the bitch
The wound is deeper, my goddess LILITH
To pervert the lambs with female poison
The eternal arrogancy, the midnnight creeper
The original sinner, take me LILITH
Track Name: Spreading the eternal mayhem
In the eternal search for the mystic dawn
The hateful wander of the soulside to the black
Boundaries of hell’s fire.

Hoping the dead’s book of evil and spectra’s voice;
Spelled on a deadly innocent skin with semen and blood;
Of the black goat resurrected from the earth damned;

Were finally right.

Then as the daylight is breaking,
With the last star of the night,
Thirteen must die burst.

In the orgy of the seven nights
By the steal of their breath, the heavanly gift
Chocked by the witches’ cunts, the treasure of the darkside.

Then SATAN will descend again
Spreading the eternal mayhem,
Spreading damnation and lust.
Track Name: Sade
Were pain has the meaning of pleasure
Were dignity is downtrodden
And love has lost all it’s meaning
Is were the libertin takes pleasure
With avarice, forever

Known trough ages by his cruelty
Causing pain, blasphemy, incest and sodomy
Using the cross as a phallic simbology

Donatien Alphonse François De Sade

Pleasing the ancient gods of impurity
Breaking the chains of morality
Pain is a philosophy

Donatien Alphonse François De Sade

Born in 1740 envolved in novility
The sins of the flesh in the darkest way
Will prevail in the black heart
Until death and far beyond, forever

(Guitar solo: Misfortunes of virtue)
(Bass solo: A hundred twenty days in Sodom)
(Guitar solo: The affairs in Marseille)
(Bass solo: The whip is the law)
(Guitar solo: Lewdness and punishment)
(Bass solo: Prosperities of vice)
Track Name: Warrior
Buried in the outlands nailed upside down deep in the ground on a crossroad north to south, burned, drowned but not dead nor alive cause I did the dreadful kiss, for Satan I exist.
All kinds of devils and fears I inspire, I slay you young virgin and I'll swollow you blood, now become a shadow and stay by my side I need all your purity to become strong and immortal.
I am a warrior and I am a beast, I'll conquer the land for Satan my king, I fight against the stone with the sword in my hand, my heart is for Satan and my flesh for Lilith.
I'll tear out your skins and I`ll reap off your hearts for my sword is my word and my shield is my mind, my flag is the hate against the fools and the church and I'll sew with graves all the land that I tread.
Warrior, hail Satan!
I make my own legions of wisdom and hate, they are a million eyes glowing in the dark gathering for centuries, preparing the attack.
Track Name: Ritual
The night is cold and the moon is high
Come witches and gather for the ritual
Fly through the woods embraced by the dark
To the forest of stone, to the land of SATAN
Blood, semen, pleasure is what awaits by his side,
The winds of hell are burning tonight.

Nude is the female, soaking wet of desire
All her holes spread fire
Receiving hell’s pleasure your powers get purified
Female is the power, as female is sorcery and lust
The elder witch shall stand by his side
The horni beauty shall give him her cunt

Open your lips to inherit his power
Earth, air, water, void and fire
Your wisdom shall grow under nature’s dome
Become SATAN’s servants, hide always from the light
Now fly slender whores, graceful perverts
Old witches, and SATAN’s creatures

Earth, the power of strengh and wisdom
Air, to flee, to attack, to accurse
Water, to drag into loss
Void, you can dissappear
Fire, hate, death, lust and desire

Track Name: Burn in Hell
With the break of the fullmoon
In some cold winter nights
You could hear the chanting
Of some ancient voices
That could through you into the madness
Or into a living hell
They’re the voices of evil
Accursing the weak lambs
Come through the woods
Sons of the beast
Hear the voices of tenebra
Through the dark valley’s path
With the break of the fullmoon
In some cold winter nights
Hear the voices of evil calling into the wild
Follow the call to the fire
Return to were master Satan remains
To the dark abyss, return, return, return...