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When I was composing the songs for Tabellae Defixionum in the first Redrum I spread all the walls and instruments with a solution of sulphur and kept the temperature of the rehearsing room really low and with practically no light to create the proper atmosphere to create real Black Metal invocations…
The top of this purpose became real with the song Akerhell; if this is played really loud and it’s cold and dark….. It makes his work.
Released in 2001ab. in Cd through Metal Millenium


released January 1, 2001



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AKERBELTZ Catalonia, Spain

Akerbeltz is a band active since 1996. The releases:
-Spreading the eternal mayhem. (Blut und Eisen, Germany).
-A wave of darkness. (Metal Millenium, Germany).
-Tabellae defixionum. (Metal Millenium, Germany).
-Akerhell. (Metal Millenium).
-Never deny from the powers of sorcery. (Last rights, U.S.A.).
-Infernuko Erreka. (Oniric records, Spain).
And the splits: With different bands world wide.
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Track Name: The guardian tightly rooted
Here I come with no weapons to protect me
Here I come with a bleeding heart in my hand
I walk the path naked in the embrace of the moon
I’m not hostile as I enter your dominion
To receive the powers that to others you steal
And I swear death by my own hand to whoever betrays
(guitar solo: deep infernal rising)
Mercyless guardian, protector of the gates of Hell
Poison distiller, bringer of torture and pain
Feed by the fear of countless graves
Mercyless guardian, grabed to the Earth
Centuries have passed and most memories have failed
His roots grow stronger and larger every year
Sage and ancient feeding with the dead
No living form surrounds the land were he stays
Evil guards the path to the end!!!
Even fire dares not to shine in his presence
As I enter his jaws I must fear no pain
He senses the weak and feeds on them
The chosen one must be in touch
With those who in an eternal dream lay...
One by generation to guide the strong and the wise
Three every century to cause harm and despair
When the reaper decides the time for an end
The beast shall go to his lair
And feed the guardian with his flesh
Track Name: Nocturnal ride
Burn with the fire that glows every night
fed by the violence of all metal’s hearts
ride with the devil forged on steel
with the black infernal flame
that burns with greed
the heat is increasing as fast as the speed
Hell’s winds blow with fury as they push the dying light
Satan’s jaws are open wide
A ball of fire spited from the heart of Tenebra
Crosses defiant the black sky
A horde of demons slay all that’s alive
Swipping the purity and the beauty of light
A living winter dominates the land
Were the fires of Hell cross the night
Screams of evil are heard all around
Yelling with fury with a broken voice

Evil will arise...
Metal never dies!!!
Track Name: The forest is my haunt
I smell your blood
I smell your fear
Desire possesses my soul
The forest is my haunt
Let me hunt you trough the woods
The forest is my abyss
No mortal soul shall blasphemate my home
I feel you near, give me your soul
The forest is my haunt
I smell your blood, give me your soul
I smell your fear, shivers in the dark
The forest is my haunt
No mortal soul shall enter my kingdom
I am the law, the spirit of the oak
Mother Nature be my allied
Carnage of the unworthy
The forest is my haunt
Track Name: The green eyes
Like a malediction cast in lead
Cold and heavy as the Underworld
Lies the dominion of the green eyes
Surrounded by high mountains like claws
Attacking the celestial dome
With tempting visions she gets caught
Of her future victims making them faint slowly
Day after day, breath after breath
All thoughts are for the green eyes
In the forbidden path to loss
A revenge from what once was supposed to be killed
That approaches reality’s surface from the depths
To get a prey into the deadly trap
That deserves a mercyless death
And torment towards the betraying soul
Death comes from the depth, let the nightmare carry on...
As a morbid grip in the throat
The hunter of sowls possesses the heart of the brave
Dragging them to her lair
Giving visions of heavenly dormancy
Of a lake of pure waters as her green eyes
Cruel laughter, stench of putrefaction
Black mud mixed with blood and bones
Swallows the fools of dog
In the swamp were she rules like Hell
The rotten witch of the green eyes
Track Name: Tabellae defixionum
Damnations engraved in lead, as the underworld
is cold & dark, curses spells & invocations to the highest divinities, to a definite end, cause harm to the enemies.
Tabellae defixioum, the ancien celtiberian curse
“Silence one by one in pain & madness,
be brave...written...for silence.
Malevolent genius, loath them to eternal silence”
The great master shall send
a legion of infernal divinities
invocated with one mission,
destroy the enemy.
Buried in graves
in wich the corpses
died by violent death,
lost souls, only obeying the master,
they shall win the eternal sleep.
Track Name: Akerhell
Down to Hell!
(Bass solo: Cold sweat, afterlife revelation)
Deadly rising of the sulphuric steam
chocking heat and agony screams
the ascense is a torture, to beat the croocked hill
as many tried to reach the realm, but found death
and their bodies turned like stones
building higher the walls
Flying in circles with wide spreaded wings
over the heads of the condemded
the vultures await eagerly the upcomming feast
and the torture never stops
more and more keep comming
as their ancestors drop
Is it the persistance or is it their fate
or just unborn evil for more victims to come
Hell becomes stronger as they die time after time,
and grows with the skulls and the rivers of blood
(Guitar solo: Pure hatred spells)
(Bass solo: Death knell of doom)
(Guitar solo: Macabre rites at the infernal depths)
(Bass solo: Demential screams of the Reaper)
This is what’s to be seen in stead of Death
cause here Death has not the meaning to expect
trapped in time, fourth one never to come