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    This record was the first official release of Akerbeltz through Metal Millenium (Germany) released in cd., but one year before I recoded "Spreading the eternal mayhem" that was released some years after.
    All the tracks are composed, performed, etc. by me.
    This work was recorded in digital/analogical way using adat systems with 16 track analogical table at Les Golfes studio.
    The inverted mode vocals where done using an analogical 8 track tape recorde.
    The sentence of the beginnig of the record that gives name to this piece is taken from a e.b.p. that appeared during a session of spiritism, at the beginning I wanted to use the original one but the sound quality was too bad...

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This is the second full length I recorded, this was during 1998 ab., but I didn't got released until the 2000ab.


released April 30, 1998

Akerbeltz plays all the instruments. Backing vocals by Lilith. Lyrics by Akerbelts except Black Anni's bower, by Lilith.
Recorded at Les golfes Studio.



all rights reserved


AKERBELTZ Catalonia, Spain

Akerbeltz is a band active since 1996. The releases:
-Spreading the eternal mayhem. (Blut und Eisen, Germany).
-A wave of darkness. (Metal Millenium, Germany).
-Tabellae defixionum. (Metal Millenium, Germany).
-Akerhell. (Metal Millenium).
-Never deny from the powers of sorcery. (Last rights, U.S.A.).
-Infernuko Erreka. (Oniric records, Spain).
And the splits: With different bands world wide.
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Track Name: Akerbeltz - Burial of the hyperborean witch
Deathlike silence rules on the land were she lies
Frozen eyes gaze between darkness & Hell
Loneliness, malediction breathes between the branchage
The reek of decay is the fragrance of transformation
She came here to die, to return her powers
To the earth, to be as one with Nature.

Out of the mist her voice is calling
Through the demoniac shadows on twilight
Mesmerizing fautous fires, deadly omens

Her whole live sworn to evil, sworn to lewdness
Once she sat by the side of the black goat

Cobwebs adorn her crane...moss dresses her flesh
Vermins feast on her decay...she’s feeding the earth

Eyes frozen, flesh rotten
Pagan witch, hyperborean
Winter wanderer, death messenger

Monk disguised-like toads carry her tongue to the swamp
The mighty owl devours her eyes
Making theyr’s the worms eat her heart
She was expelled from the magic circle
She practiced black magic, she called the storm
She was too powerful to keep the stars’ balance
Track Name: Akerbeltz - Conspiracy
Midnight, dark forest
a cauldron full of evil
Nine witches dance at some malignant sounds
Played with human bones & babies cries
Imbaving the formulas of the infernal kind
Once made to heal...
Now increasing the ingredients with slyness
Changing the nazarene’s words with mockery
Calling disgrace...

Dethroning the reignant peace
Summoning the ancient pagan gods
Once betrayed...

Centuries ago
By a false jewish god

Giving a name to his enemies
One by one & together

Conspiracy in the shadows
Against the church
In the name of SATAN!!!

Witchcraft, sorcery & lust
Evil versus stupidity
Time after time...

His powers grow stronger in the shade
An ecoed laughter fills the mist
Ancient in time as flesh exists

Bat wings, serpent tongues.Toad eyes, decapitated lambs
Poison herbs, deadly bristles, fill the cauldron of evil.
Track Name: Akerbeltz - Fire (The punishment of Lilith)
Here comes the goddess of pain
Walking over the earth again
She’s come to enslave me to her mighty cunt
To show me the powers of lust
I’ll raise my grotesque scepter
To enhance your sovereignty

Cold but burns, burning fire , raging flame of desire

A dark fate awaits me
The massacre of my flesh
Raise me higher again
Feed your lust with my pain
Discharge on me with the fury of flames

Fire, fire send me your power
Fire, fire make the flame grow higher
Fire, fire consumed by desire
Fire, fire burn me

You walk me through the savage garden
And show me the chaos of those unworthy
Teach me the magnificence, the lure & arrogancy
To be over them as you are over me
To trample their principles, falsely moral
I will inherit your knowledge in my carnal form
Show me the power of evil, the power of magic, the power of nature
Track Name: Akerbeltz - Infernucoerreca
Mourning sowls advance against the freezing wind
And get cloacked by the storm
Marching in silence seeking for stones of magic
That show the way to:


Were memories faid, drowned in it’s black waters
And time has no longuer meanings
Weak sowls are disolved and swallowed
To remain in nothigness eternaly
It’s black waters fill their essence inch by inch

As a deadly venom

No one gets closer to the gleaming darkness
As when you drown into:

Track Name: Akerbeltz - Doomed
Evil rise when hell and earth connect
And the guardian of the shadows
Turns his eyes to the dreadful sowls
Lightened with a dark spark
Is when the legend becomes truth
And the dark is a shield

When the night lays darker
And a glimpse of the moonlight
Mesmerizes and freezes me
I know I am doomed
Guitar solo: A GAP IN THE DOOR
His spirit invades me
And I am suspended in the void
That’s when I see through
The eyes of the wolf

He is the flesh and I am the mind
Beeing together a demon
Until the comming of the sun
Murder is the way to stop the pain

Two essences on one carnal form
Two opposittes dweling in one
The invader, the sieged
Up to destroy all that appears in front
Track Name: Akerbeltz - Black Anni's bower
Descended from an evil ancient goddess
The mistress of darkness

Returned to rule the night
At dawn she hid in a cave as a night predator
At dusk she crouched in an oak
Patiently awaiting an unsuspected passer-by


But her favorite victims were children
Whose little throats she ripped out
With her curved and vicious claws
Then she ate their tender flesh

But kept their tiny skins
And took them to a cave in the hills
To hang them on the cold stone walls
As a trophy representing the triumph

Of the old world over the new